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How to use Cloud Print

In a world where most of us regularly use a wide variety of computer systems, the old ways of working occasionally have to be rethought. One of the more obvious examples of this is the way we interact with printers. Hooking a printer up to your computer is okay if you only ever print from one machine, but if you ... Read More »

How many NFC Tag Types

There are four types of tags defined by the NFC forum, all based on the RFID control protocols described previously. There’s a fifth that’s compatible, but not strictly part of the NFC specification. Types 1, 2, and 4 are all based on ISO 14443A and type 3 is based on ISO 18092. You can get tags from many vendors and ... Read More »

Keep sensitive data safe on Android

Use the Pocket app to organise and protect your details. 1. Download the app - It’s super handy to keep all your details on your smartphone or tablet, and Pocket is the go to app for this. Head to the Google Play store, type Pocket into the search then Install and Open. 2. Set Master Password (or password safe) Hit ... Read More »

Using Incognito web browsing

Make use of Chrome’s Incognito mode for maximum browsing privacy. When you surfing the web on your device using an internet browser or other internet browsers, it’ll remember certain things such as cookies and website history. If you prefer to keep your web searches and your browsing history to yourself and don’t want any of this information to be remembered ... Read More »

Keep your device free of viruses on Android

Install and use Lookout app on Android, the mother of all Samsung Galaxy security apps or smartphone security apps. If you’re after an app that takes care of all your smartphone security worries, look no further than Lookout. Smartphones and tablets have evolved into such powerful devices that they now require protection from threats such as viruses, malware and spyware. ... Read More »

8 tips to protect your business’s wireless network

8 tips to protect your business’s wireless network We tend to be blind to its risks. Many routers are riddled with security holes that leave your data exposed to enterprising hackers and other intruders. And if you run a business, the jeopardy is even greater. To keep your wireless network secure, follow these eight security tips. 1. Change the default ... Read More »


For when too many pixels are barely enough. This is a computer monitor that costs $8,800. And that’s a lot of money. But then, this is a lot of monitor. In fact it’s too much monitor if all you want to do is browser the web and play games, because even at 32-inches the visual elements are smaller than on, ... Read More »

Introduction to Creating Development Environments with Vagrant

Introduction to Creating Development Environments with Vagrant

Introduction to Creating Development Environments with Vagrant Table of Contents Creating Development Environment with Vagrant Chapter 1: Getting started with Vagrant + Requirements for Vagrant + Install VirtualBox + Installing Vagrant Chapter 2: Managing Vagrant Boxes and Projects + Creating Vagrant projects (Importing and using base boxes, Creating projects without importing a base box) + Managing Vagrant Boxes (Adding Vagrant ... Read More »

Key components of Identity Management

Now, we touched upon one component of an Identity Management system, the directory. There are a few more components. Let’s go through some common components and understand them. Identity Service Providers This is the system with the secure resource that an identity is trying to access. This is known as a Server Provider. Think of this as a system that ... Read More »

Data Types Allowed In Mongoose Schema

Data Types Allowed In Mongoose Schema There are eight types of data allowed in Mongoose Schema. They are: String, Number, Date, Boolean, Buffer, ObjectId, Mixed and Array. String: This SchemaType stores a string value, UTF-8 encoded. Number: This SchemaType stores a number value, with restrictions. Mongoose does not natively support long and double datatypes for example, although MongoDB does. However, ... Read More »